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Fire-fighting equipment






EEBD Drager 15 minutes

Apparatus for short-term work or rescue vehicle for equipment operating on compressed air lines, cylinders, designed for 10, 15 and 20 minutes of work. Dining cylinders. Approved to EN139 as a rescue vehicle for equipment operating from overhead lines.

2 L 200 bar, aluminum

3 L 200 bar steel

2L 300 bar Carbon Composite



Fire fighter suit Viking Nomex

Approved according to SOLAS 96/98/EC. Complete outfit consisting of fire suit, gloves, helmet and boots.






Fireman boots EN345-2

Boots are designed to protect the feet from open flames, heat radiation, corrosive media, bumps, punctures and other mechanical damage.


Resistance to an open flame and heat flow;

Design elements to protect feet from bumps:

– Pad to protect the lower leg,

– Reinforced layer on the heel of the boot – to protect the heel from impact,

– Reinforced front layer – to protect the foot and toes from mechanical impact (eg, steel rods in the fall, trees, rocks, etc.)

– Pad to protect the ankle (only for art. 9687L)

Steel toe protection, non-slip sole,

Steel insole for puncture protection,

Electrical Protection


Fireman gloves

Fire fighter gloves are designed to protect BCB fireman’s hands from environmental hazards arising during fire-fighting operation and related priority crash-rescue operations (high temperature, thermal radiation, contact with hot surfaces, mechanical effects)





Fire helmet

Fireman’s helmet is designed to protect fireman’s head, neck and face from thermal and mechanical stress, aggressive media, surfactants, water in fire-fighting and related priority rescue operations, as well as adverse climate impacts. Approved according to EN443 and SOLAS / MED…




Fire wire

Fireproof safety rope intended for attachment to a ventilator or a special belt to ensure control over the fire during emergencies. Rope made ​​of noncombustible materials.





The carbine fire

Designed for rescue work, self-rescue and fire insurance when working at height.




Fire hoses

A fire hose is a high-pressure hose that carries water or other fire retardant (such as foam) to a fire to extinguish it. Outdoors, it attaches either to a fire engine or a fire hydrant. Indoors, it can permanently attach to a building’s standpipe or plumbing system.

  1. Fire hose 38mm1 1/2″ 20 m
  2. Fire hose 52mm 2″ 20 m
  3. Fire hose 65mm х 20 m
  4. Fire hose 70mm 3/4″ 20m


Fire extinguisher CO2

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers designed to extinguish fires of various electrical equipment that is under voltage up to 10 000 B. Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are designed to extinguish fires of various electrical equipment, which is 10 000 live V.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher 5 kg MED

Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher 10 kg MED


Fire extinguisher powder

Fire extinguishers – charged fire-extinguishing powder and pumped gas (air, nitrogen, carbon dioxide) to a pressure of 16 atm. Designed to extinguish fires of class A, B, C or BC, depending on the type of powder.

Fire extinguisher powder OP-4

Fire extinguisher powder OP-8

Fire extinguisher powder OP-10

Fire extinguisher powder OP-35


Fire plan box



Fire extinguisher foam

Fire extinguishers stored pressure air-foam MIG designed to equip agencies and departments for emergency situations, protection of national economy objects, vehicles, as well as for use in a domestic environment as a primary means of extinguishing fires, Class A (solids smoldering material)

Fire extinguisher foam 9 kg MED



Ship’s alarm 24V

Sounder Call of loud fight is an electromagnetic mechanism of AC, a spray  not dust-tight in Corps. Bells loud fight, are designed to deliver powerful sound signals other than the production of noise, providing a good audible signal at a considerable distance in alarm systems.





Fire blanket

The fire blanket is a safety equipment for extinguishing starting fires by blocking the supply of oxygen. The blanket consists of a sheet of refractory material placed over the fire to extinguish it, or for wrapping individual source of fire.





Foam concentrate

Foam is used for extinguishing the fire .

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