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Hadex, disinfectant






Hadex® sodium hypochlorite based keeps the drinking water in good condition. It is food grade and is approved as a continuous disinfectant in drinking water. Hadex® prevents water wastage and saves time, as against other disinfecting agents that are harmful, dangerous and/or difficult to dose. Because of the overall action of Hadex® in water it also disinfects the tanks, pipelines and all water fed equipment. Hadex® is ready for immediate use as delivered.

The safety of drinking water cannot always be taken for granted. Hadex® is a safe, effective and easily applied product that keeps the drinking water in good condition. Drinking water treated with Hadex® remains fit for consumption.

It is especially intended for disinfecting drinking water in tanks and piping.

Hadex® is a safe, effective and easily applied product:

  • food grade
  • it is easily stored
  • it has a very long shelf life:
    • at least eighteen months under normal conditions (t =25 °C).
    • at least three years if stored cool (t = < 6 °C).
  • it facilitates swift and accurate dosing
  • Hadex® starts disinfecting immediately
  • available in 1, 2.5, 10 and 25 litre cannisters







The HydroBreak cleaning product range is manufactured in the UK to BS5750/ISO9000 quality standards. It is completely safe and environmentally acceptable, both in use and disposal. Classified as non-hazardous, HYDROBREAK® is classified totally safe under the CHIP regulations. It is nontoxic, non-corrosive, and has no toxic by-products — If it’s safe to use water, it’s safe to use HYDROBREAK® It’s also non-volatile and non-flammable, which can bring massive savings on ventilation equipment, fire precautions and insurance premiums, and, when used in effluent treatment plant can reduce power consumption by up to 50% and greatly reduce oxygen demands.

Because it can be applied safely in many ways – by hand or in floor scrubbers, steam cleaners, aqueous spray washing systems and ultrasonic units – and on a wide range of substrates, HYDROBREAK® can reduce the number of cleaning products required on site, simplifying ordering, storage and stock control.

HYDROBREAK® does not affect paints, rubbers or plastics and is compatible with most metals, including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, lead, steel and zinc. Correctly used, it can replace solvent degreasers and has none of the hazards of solvent or alkaline detergents.

Applied to oils, greases and fats, it prevents their re-forming to block drains or make floors unsafe. It can also be used in conjunction with selected bacterial strains to treat specific effluents, or on hydrocarbon spills on land or road surfaces. It won’t damage the asphalt (except POWER) and it renders hydrocarbons non-flammable on application.

For finely tuned applications in effluent digestion of fats, certain hydrocarbons and free oils and greases or the bioremediation of contaminated land, HYDROBREAK® can be combined with specific bacterial cultures for maximum-targeted effectiveness.

What makes HYDROBREAK® unique?

  1. HYDROBREAK® has the ability to break down animal, mineral and synthetic oils, greases, fats and many aromatic substances into smaller environmentally acceptable components.
  2. HYDROBREAK® then has the ability to stimulate naturally occurring parasitic bacterium to further break down these components into harmless waste material (e.g. water and carbon dioxide), thus reducing the environmental impact normally associated with cleaning/ degreasing in industry.
  3. HYDROBREAK®, therefore, has the ability to solve the problems associated with cleaning/degreasing as opposed to simply moving the problem from one location to another.
  4. The HYDROBREAK® range is totally safe to use in any situation where the use of water is acceptable.
  5. HYDROBREAK® has no health hazards associated with use of the products.
  6. Unlike most conventional cleaners/degreasers, HYDROBREAK® is classified as non-hazardous.
  7. HYDROBREAK® can be used in conjunction with particular bacterial strains for the treatment of specific effluent problems or with spill kits for the treatment of hydrocarbon spills or contamination on land or road surfaces.
  8. HYDROBREAK® has the ability to render hydrocarbons non-flammable on application.


High-tech lubricants Molyguard are obtained in the research and development laboratories of the Compagnia Itallana Lubricanti, S.p.A., using selected high-performance bases and new additives to overcome the most extreme operating conditions, succeeding where conventional lubricants fail.

Molyguard lubricants withstand high and low temperatures, heavy loads, shock or vibration, and the contamination from aggressive environments, allowing you to solve concrete problems if lubrication and maintenance of the most modern and sophisticated facilities.

The use of lubricants with high technological content of Molyguard line is the easiest way to improve the reliability and the performance of each motion and to reduce, at the same time, running costs and maintenance.

If an application requires the use of oils or greases with some of the following characteristics, Molyguard lubricants are a clearly winning

  • Superior friction reduction and consequent energy saving.
  • High resistance of lubricating film even under heavy loads.
  • Excellent wear protection with lengthening of the useful life of the moving parts.
  • High resistance to vapours and aqueous acidic or alkaline solution.
  • Stability at high temperatures and prolonged replacement intervals of lubricants.
  • Reduced or totally eliminated carbonaceous residues building even in the severest working conditions, resulting in a drastic reduction of maintenance time and cost of moving parts.
  • Optimal lubrication even at low temperatures.
  • Resistance to aggressive gases and radiation.
  • Availability of non-toxic formulation suitable for the food or pharmaceutical industry.

The great experience acquired by Compagnia Italiana Lubricanti S.p.A. in over 50 years of activity in this sector, often in close cooperation with important manufactures, together with the technical preparation of the MOLYGUARD division, made it possible to produce lubricants that meet the needs of the most diversified application areas.

MOLYGUARD lubricants are an invaluable tool to ensure operation of the plants, always in full efficiency, even in the most demanding operating conditions. The values for the products listed in this catalogue are indicative and do not constitute specification.


Molykote materials are intended to operate under conditions where other oils and greases loose their properties.

The wide range of materials, which are produced under Molykote brand, includes

  1. Greases
  2. Oils
  3. Pastes
  4. Protective and anti-friction coatings (AFC)
  5. Compounds
  6. Dispersions
  7. Powders,
  8. Cleaners and other materials.

They all are the result of the best world achievements and innovative researches in the lubrication technology field. Molykote materials are not affected by the corrosive environment factors (such as dirt, dust, chemically active substances) and can operate under wide variety of temperatures, loads and speeds.

Design solutions on basis of Molykote lubricating materials are in great demand in all industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Metallurgy and Metal-working, Energy, Wood-wording and Food-processing fields.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Coldwash HD 25 LTR

EnviroClean 25 LTR

Cleanbreak 25 L

Seacare OSD-2 25 LTR

Seacare Ecosperse LT23 25LTR II/III

Fore and AFT 25 LTR

Air Cooler Cleaner 25 l

Carbon Remover 25 l

Descalex 25 Kg

Descaling Liquid 25 l

Metal Brite 25 l

Disclean 25 l

H.P. Wash 25 l

Foam-Agent 3×5 l

Electrosolv-E 25 l

Seaclean 25 l

Unitor Cleanrig CHP 1000 LTR

Unitor Electrosol Plus 25 LTR

Unitor Scaleclean EX 25KG

Unitor Uniclean 25 LTR

Tank Cleaning

Alkleen Safety Liquid 25 LTR

Alkleen Liquid 25 LTR

Seaclean Plus 25 l

Unipol 25 l

Tankleen Advance 210 l

Tankleen TAR 210 LTR

Gamazyme Cleaners

Gamazyme 700FN

Gamazyme DPC 4.0 kg

Gamazyme MSC 12 x 1 ltr

Gamazyme BTC 12 x 1 ltr

Gamazyme Digestor 25 LTR

Gamazyme BOE 12X1 L

Gamazyme FC

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